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Jewelry Care

 Even the best quality jewelry requires special care to keep it looking great. Whether you own costume pieces or have an extensive fine jewelry wardrobe, knowing how to care for your jewelry is essential.

Learn about your jewelry pieces 

Gold-Vermeil:  Gold Vermeil, refers to high quality (pure or sterling) silver that is plated with a thin layer of gold. As vermeil jewelry is composed of two precious metals (gold and silver), its usually thought of as being closer to fine jewelry and tends to fall under the category "demi-fine". The higher the karat weight and thickness of the gold layer, the more expensive and valuable the piece will usually be. Always keep your jewelry in ziplock airtight bags when not wearing.

Gold Plating on Titanium: Gold plating is a process where a thin layer of gold is bonded onto a base metal, which our jewelry base is titanium. Plating is quite common in the jewelry world, with gold and rhodium being two popular types. We encourage you to follow these simple instruction up there to get the most wear out of your gold-plated pieces. You can extend its life and keep it bright and beautiful by taking a proper care of it. Always keep your jewelry in ziplock airtight bags when not wearing.

925 Silver/ Sterling Silver: A jewelry is considered to be fine silver if it contains 92.5% (or more) of pure silver but pure silver is too soft to be used without another metal. So copper and nickel are commonly incorporated to make up the remaining 7.5%. The added metals in sterling silver make it an incredibly durable material — it’s even stronger than gold. In addition to its light weight, this quality makes it an ideal choice for jewelry that will be worn daily or often. Always keep your jewelry in ziplock airtight bags when not wearing.

Titanium : Titanium is lighter than most other types of metals, but it’s also one of the most durable options you could ever have. The unique characteristic is that the metal is very light to wear and the strongest for making jewels. Titanium will work for you, especially if you’re an active person. You can go with it under the sun for long hours or play in the water and just do about almost anything and still have it maintain its shape. Always keep your jewelry in ziplock airtight bags when not wearing.

We also recommend using a special silver polishing cloth to polish the accessories to clean any tarnishing, good news is we give out for FREE every time you purchase from us. And always keep them inside the airtight bags that come with your purchase everytime when you not wearing it.

Put it on last, take it off first.
Always wipe the jewelry down or clean it with dry clothe after wearing it.

*Please take note that silver polishing cloth only uses for cleaning up tarnishing.

A simple guideline to help you take care of your  jewelry is to put it on last after apply your perfume and lotions, to finish your overall look, and take it off first when you’re changing your clothes or before you go to bed.