A Personal Herb Garden

Creating your own herb garden right in the kitchen can be fun and rewarding, especially if you like cooking. Herbs are easy to maintain as they do not require as much attention. The most common herbs include rosemary, thyme, chives, basil and mint. Plucking these herbs right out of your kitchen also assures you that it’s clean and safe from pesticides.

Here is a compilation of some cute herb garden ideas that you can DIY – simple, easy and fun!

Tin cans

Tin cans from soft drinks, condensed milk or instant food make good pots. Paint them or wrap them up with colourful cloths as a way of decorating them.

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Glass jars

Planting your herbs in glass jars is very neat and clean. The transparency of glass offers a more spacious look if you decide to fit them on a smaller countertop.

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The old-school way – pots. Pots come in so many different colours and designs, so you have tonnes of choices when it comes to using pots for your indoor herb garden. They can be placed on hanging platforms, or even just at the windowsill where the plants will get sufficient sunlight for growth.

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We recommend a wooden box or crate to plant your herbs. Go for that rugged look, which also gives you a more garden-like appearance indoors.

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Featured Photo:  Peter Žagar