Living With Greens

Plants are decorative items, but there are numerous health benefits that come with it as well. Adding greens in your home reduces stress, and they become increasingly valuable as our lives get more hectic.

With their never-ending pros, potted plants may just be in trend for a long time.

Enhance interior design

Adding elements of nature to an indoor space is like an upgrade in terms of interior design. It does not only present modernity, but it also adds colour to the room while drawing attention to a particular space.

Simple plant decorations offer a clean look to your home, elevating the mood and its class.



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Purifies air and supplies oxygen

Potted plants are cute, simple and convenient to be placed anywhere – kitchen countertops, office desks, study tables are surfaces where plants fit nicely. As they undergo photosynthesis, they release oxygen into the air, helping you to breathe better.

In addition to that, plants help to remove toxins like formaldehyde in the air that comes from cigarette, furniture, pressed wood products and more. Plants are like natural air purifiers that improve your health, what’s not to like about it?


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Help us think better and decrease stress level

Keeping plants on our work desk helps to raise productivity by 15%, according to experts in psychology. While at work, it is important to engage with your surroundings. A potted plant not only adds greenery, furthermore it helps office employees to engage with their surroundings. Having a physical object to look at while working also boosts your mood.

We tend to avert our gaze towards the natural green of plant leaves, and looking at them soothes our mind and mood as well. Additionally, studies have shown that plants, especially flowers, bring up your mood while helping you to reduce stress and anxiety.

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Featured Photo:c Annie Spratt