Light Up

Have you always wanted to improve your home, but never know what to do? Got an “idea”? Yes, lamps!

Lamps have been invented a long time ago, and until now, it is still something that we need to use every single day. Making a useful lamp beautiful is a great way to start your home improvement.


Your backyard, or balcony is a cosy place to sit back, relax and spend time with nature – the wind, fresh air, and plants. Refurbish the area with hanging light bulbs to add a touch of romance in your relationship with the surrounding nature.

Light Bulb

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Mix and match with the greens

Your plants do not only supply oxygen and offer some greens to your home, they can be used to hang your light bulbs as well. So now you can enjoy the colour of your plants be it day or night.

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In-House Decor

Mason Jars

Mason jars, they’re literally good for everything. Besides storing food, stationery or plants in it, they can contain light bulbs as well! It’s easy to DIY these mason jar lamps, and for a pretty low price, you make so much difference to your home interior.

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Grapevine Sphere Lamps

Grapevine sphere lamps are such rustic items that you can add to your home. Hang them above your kitchen, or dining table for a warm, homey feeling that you’ll never get anywhere else.

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Love to drink? You don’t need to slow down because of all these bottles that you have to dispose. Remove the base of the wine bottles and insert a light bulb in it, and voilĂ  – you get some nice lamps to be admired by your friends when they come over…for a drink or two.

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