The Key of Fashion: Layered Necklaces

The Key of Fashion: Layered Necklaces

Celebrities often use this stratagem to fill the bare neck, adding a touch of fashion and originality. Layering your necklaces does not mean that you can combine them casually. Here we want to share a few tips to help you achieve the effect you want.  

First of all, we may find it easy to get tangled when layering necklaces. The solution to this problem is not complicated. We can start by choosing accessories carefully. To avoid tangling up, we would better keep the number of chains within two to five pieces. On the other side, pair necklaces of different lengths will mix up your look even further. 

There are numerous ways to wear necklaces. When wearing a multi-layer necklace, you can consider choosing one of the simple design. For instance, Thaya is an ideal choice. The designs on Thaya's necklaces are concise but very characteristic. 

The double-layered necklace looks concise and understated. Besides, compared to one chain, it increases a sense of layering to enrich your appearance. Three-ply necklaces typically contain a longer collar that extends the attention down from the neck. In this way, you can look taller and thinner. 

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